5 Activities To Enjoy In This Chilly Winter

Winter is the only time when we Indians wish for more sun and more temperatures. With each passing day, especially in north India, it becomes unbearable for most Indians to venture out of their homes after sunset. Are you one of those who prefer to spend their free time at home? Or you don’t mind going out but still don’t know what to do? Help is here! Check these 5 activities you can enjoy in this chilly winter:

  • Learn a New Hobby

You can try your hand at cooking, begin taking guitar classes in some institute or online, or any other instrument, learn a language, etc. Know your talents, interests, and hobbies; and spend more time developing them. You will get a lot of Free content of text and videos online that will make it easy for you to learn and master a new activity.

  • Do Gaming

We mean all 3 types: Outdoors, indoors, and virtual. When you play outdoors, because of physical activity your body will get warm; thus, helping to combat the cold atmosphere. Better still, you can play indoor games like chess, carom, card games, or board games like Monopoly with your family or by calling your friends.

Online gaming is equally fun whether it is single-player or multiplayer and you have loads of games to choose from a variety of genres like action games or skill games. You can start a career mode or play with like-minded gamers online.

  • Exercise Outdoors

Exercising is truly a healthy habit to have not just in winters but the whole year. But why outdoors? Because sunlight becomes bearable and days become smaller, the sun becomes our best natural friend in the winter. You can begin with Surya namaskar and proceed on to light exercises. This will keep your body warm, help you stay fit, and also help you get rid of the joint pain and muscle stiffness that is common in winter. In urban areas, you can go on the terrace of your building, or best if morning sun rays enter your home, do your workout there!

  • Play Rummy & become better in it!

There is no other online game that is so much fun, engaging, and thrilling as rummy. Spend your free time playing online rummy. If you haven’t started yet, download the app of any popular rummy platform and begin your rummy career. Take part in tournaments, take advantage of various year-end or New year promotions.

Not just that, improve your game, your skills in rummy. Go through all tutorials and other textual/video help to better your game. Learn and implement new strategies, tactics, tips & tricks etc. Play & win more.

  • Clean up your Home

One of the most satisfying and therapeutic activities is to reduce the clutter in your home or your room. Whenever you get free time, start with one cupboard at a time. Throw out all the unnecessary stuff and make your home a pleasant place to live. When your home is clean, your mind stays clean, fresh, and happy.

Harsh winter mostly lasts from December to February, but 3 months are too much to just waste our precious free time. Besides the above, we can do many other activities during winter time. Can you add any other cool activity to this list? Do tell us in the following comments.

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