5 Lines About Rummy That Are Simply Not True!

Just like other card games, rummy is truly a popular and one of the most played card games, not just in India, but in the world over. Lakhs of Indians have been playing rummy since decades or even centuries. Now add to them, similar number of people since the time online rummy began in India. Even then, many Indians still have to embrace this skill-based game, for various reasons. One major reason is: Myths or Misconceptions that are prevalent about rummy.

So what are those? Take a look at 5 lines about rummy that are 100% false, but still made many Indians stay away from this thrilling game.

  • Rummy is based on Luck

If some other card games are based on luck, that doesn’t mean even rummy is purely based on luck. Even Indian courts admit the game of rummy to be ‘skill-based’. You have to apply your observation, strategy, analysis, and other skills to win in rummy. Only a small luck factor in rummy is the initial cards dealt to you, but players have won games even after they have got bad cards!

  • You get addicted to Rummy

Addiction is not limited to gaming; we can get addicted to any thing or activity that we really like. There are many ways to deal with everything. You can limit your playing time, limit the daily deposit, play only one variant of rummy like 13 cards rummy, or plan days when you will stay away from the game. You can practice more such remedies to exercise total control over playing rummy.

  • Playing Rummy is Illegal

Like said above in point 1, various courts in India have declared rummy to be a ‘game of skills’, hence this game is fully legal to play as a cash game as well as a free game too. Rummy is not at all associated with gambling or betting, in fact, proper taxes are deducted from the cash prizes that you get after winning a game or rummy tournament.

  • Rummy is only about Real money

So you thought rummy is meant only for the big or professional players? Think again. Almost all the online rummy platforms offer a FREE version of their rummy app. It is also available on the Play Store to be played by children for free. This free version is proving to be a great way of learning the game, rules, strategies, etc. before you make your way in cash rummy. You can play practice games even in cash rummy apps, hone your rummy skills or get a winning habit and confidence anytime.

  • Playing Rummy is wastage of Time

This line exists for rummy because it has been prevalent for other games in general. But most other games are free and you hardly get anything in return. But in rummy, you win real cash on winning games or tournaments. More importantly, you develop skills like observation, analysis, strategizing, etc. you can really not waste any time by playing rummy, you learn and get so much from this skill-based game. The more Indians know that the above lines are false, the more Indians will begin to play rummy. If you come across any such line from anybody, do enlighten them about the truth. Keeping false beliefs is a harmful thing to do, whether it is in rummy or any other field of life.

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