5 Online Games Benefits You can Take

How many times have you heard your parents yell at you to stop playing games and focus on studies or work? At that time, you didn’t have any fitting reply and had to listen to them. But there is a good news for you, quite a number of studies have been conducted in the world and most of them have proved that there are benefits in playing online games like rummy. Eager to know what are they and lecture those who scold you for playing online games? Read along:

  • Socializing

Online games introduce us to other humans or like-minded gamers. Since we all have the same passion – playing online games, an instant connection is established and sometimes it can also turn into a good friendship. You get to meet people of different regions and cultures of our country or the world, have fun while playing, and get to learn from them too. Exchange of information leads to increased knowledge about the game, and also other things.

  • Stress-buster

Gaming is a popular means of entertainment for all of us. Most of us play online games to relax and relieve our stress induced by work or other tensions. Even research has deduced the psychological benefits of playing online, esp. card games, in which studies have indicated a 17% reduction in cortisol, a primary stress related hormone. So the next time you are feeling stressed, just start playing your favourite card game.

  • Developing skills

This is one big advantage of online games which even your elders will like. Different games help develop different skills. For e.g. when you play online rummy, it helps to increase your analytical skills, quick decision making, observation skills, strategizing, making predictions, etc. all such skills are extremely helpful for life outside gaming, esp. in your work/career. There’s no other better way to develop these skills than online gaming.

  • Enhances Brain functions

We get completely involved in the games that we play online. They increase our various brain functions like concentration, interpersonal and cognitive skills, problem solving, etc. they keep our brain active and in the best shape. They improve our memory esp. long-term one and keep us occupied.

  • Learn Life skills

When we play online games, either of 2 results are guaranteed: Win or loss. This teaches us a lot because, after our wins, we learn to stay humble and grounded, as instantly we may lose the next match. We learn to accept our losses, learn to learn from our mistakes. Winnings build our confidence. Online games teach us to take up challenges, teach us teamwork and leadership, teach us determination, to get up back after falling down, to never give up. Such life skills are crucial at other times esp. in emergency situations. Everything has two sides to it, why would online gaming be different? If you were told of the minus points of online gaming by your elders all these years, then surely there will be plus points too, some of which you just read above. But you should know that, these benefits will be valid only if you stay in total control of your online gaming amount and time. Excess of anything is harmful, so if you play too much online games in the day, you will get all disadvantages instead of these advantages. Play responsibly and in moderation.

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