7 Best Secret Santa Gifts Suggestions For Gamers!

Among the reasons why we all love the month of December, one is: we receive gifts from, well, we don’t know! It’s not Santa Claus, but our ‘Secret Santa’. Likewise, even we have to become a secret Santa for someone. Just when December begins, everyone starts thinking about it, who will give me what and whom to give what. It is easy for those who know their gift recipient thoroughly. But are you confused about gifting options if you hardly know your person?

Well, try to find out at least one thing about them: If they are a Gamer, if they love playing online games, then we have 7 options for you that will make a perfect secret Santa gift for them:

  • Bluetooth Headsets

Gamers just love to hear all the sound effects of the game while they are playing. It gives them an adrenaline rush and motivates them to play more. Headsets are also required in multiplayer online games like Rummy, to talk with opponents. A true-wireless headphones or an over-the-ear headset will be a good gift, whether your friend already has one or not.

  • Gift Card

When you don’t know the exact gift to give, this one is a safe bet. You can select a gift card from any of the popular online e-commerce sites like Amazon, or any Gaming website. You could also do a big bonus recharge for your friend, e.g. on a rummy platform. You can fill their rummy wallet using any bonus offer.

  • Gaming Mouse/Keyboard

This is a gift where you can never go wrong. True gamers just love to play using accessories that will enhance their gaming experience and talent. You can choose from a variety of options in mouse and/or keyboard depending on your budget.

  • Gamer Clothing

Gamers like to flaunt their love for games. Your friend will surely love it if you gift them a t-shirt having their favourite game franchise on it. This is winter time, so you can also think about sweaters, hoodies, a cap, or even socks! 

  • Pack of Cards

A deck of 52 cards will be a simple and cute secret Santa gift for your friend especially if they are card game lovers. One advantage of this gift is, using these cards, your friend can play a lot of card games, like Indian rummy, Flash cards, seep cards, etc.

  • Board Games

Will there be any person who didn’t play any board games in their childhood? Some people (gamers) like to play them even when they become adults! If your friend is one such, this option will be an awesome one for them. You get a lot of options to choose from, esp. Monopoly, Casinopoly, etc.

  • Buy a Game Title

If you find out which specific game franchise is their favourite, and if they don’t have the latest title in it, then you get your secret Santa gift option. Buy the latest offering from any first-person shooting game like COD, a role-playing game like GTA, a racing game like NFS, or a sports game like FIFA, etc. It can be a Desktop version or a mobile game version too.

How were the above gifting options? Hope you liked and selected one of them for your gamer friend. Trust us, true gamers just love any gift that is related to their love for gaming. If you are going to gift one such, you are going to be a memorable secret Santa for your friend.

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