7 Day Rummy Crash Course for Beginners

If you are still new to rummy card games, this post will help you understand how to start playing rummy. This 7-day rummy crash course is designed for beginners so that they gain a good grasp on the rummy fundamentals. You don’t need a friend to teach you rummy card games. You can learn it all by yourself by reading this post.

First Day- Get a Grasp on the Rummy Terminology

On the first day, spend time to get a grasp on the rummy terminology. This part of rummy learning needs to be taken seriously. You will be using the rummy terminology you learn now through your rummy gaming sessions. Understanding the basic rummy terminology will help you understand different variations of rummy with great ease. The basic rummy terminology is listed below:

Number Card: A card of any sign with a number written on it is referred to as a number card. Cards from 2 to 10 of spades, clubs, hearts and diamonds are referred to as number cards.

Picture Card: The cards with pictures on them are referred to as picture cards. A, K, Q and J of any sign are picture cards. The point value of picture cards is 10 points and so they are also referred to as high point cards.

Joker Card: Each deck of cards has 2-3 joker cards. These cards can be used instead of any other card to complete a sequence or a meld.

Blanks: Each deck has 1 blank card. Some people use blanks also as jokers in rummy card games.

Meld: The arrangement of cards of different signs but of the same value together is referred to as meld. A meld can be formed using minimum three cards.

Sequence: The arrangement of cards of the same sign in ascending or descending order of their values is referred to as a sequence. There are different types of sequences in rummy games. Sequences can be made using just number cards of the same sign, just picture cards of the same sign or a combination of both. An example of a sequence is A, K, Q and J.

Pure Sequence: A sequence formed without the use of jokers is referred to as a pure or natural sequence.

Real Sequence: A sequence that makes use of jokers for its completion is referred to as a real or artificial sequence.

Life: The life in rummy is the minimum arrangement of cards up to which your hand is regarded as a full hand in rummy card games. The rules for life may vary based on the variation of rummy card game you are playing. In the 13-card standard rummy variation, a pure sequence and a real sequence is required to complete life.

First Drop: When a player quits a rummy card game before the first move is played, it is called first drop in rummy. Minimum points are charged to a player during first drop.

Second Drop: When a player quits rummy card game anytime after the first move has been played, it is called second drop. The number of points charged for second drop are double the points charged for first drop.

False Call: When a player calls it rummy before completion of his hand, it is called as false call. A penalty maybe charged to a player who makes a false call in rummy games.

Full Hand: When the opponent completes rummy before you complete your life, your hand is called a full hand and maximum points are charged.

Second Day-Understand the Different Formations in Rummy Games

Once you have got a proper grasp on the rummy terminology, you can get a grasp of the different formations in rummy card games. It is important to understand it in order to play rummy card games effectively. Here we have shared a list of the different formations in rummy games.

Types of Pure Sequences: A pure sequence can be completed in different ways. A pure sequence can be made by combining number cards of the same sign. An example of this is 3,4,5 of spades together form a pure sequence.

It is also possible to make a pure sequence by combining just picture cards. An example of this is a sequence made by combining K, Q and J of hearts.

A pure sequence can also be made by combining number cards and picture cards of the same sign. An example of this kind of pure sequence is 9,10, J and Q of clubs.

Types of Artificial Sequences: An artificial sequence can be made in the different ways that pure sequences are formed above. The only difference is that the artificial sequences make use of jokers for completion.

Third Day-Understand How Points are Calculated

To master the game of rummy, you must understand how the points are calculated. There could be minor differences in the ways used to calculate points. The general rules are the same. Maximum points are calculated for picture cards. The points for number cards are calculated based on their number values.

A certain number of points is allocated as penalty for a false call. The points allocated for first drop and second drop vary slightly based on the number of cards used to play these games.

You must understand how the points are allocated in each of these cases so that you can play the game wisely.

Fourth Day- Know When to Take Risks

A good player of rummy card games takes only calculated risks. If you wish to gain expertise in Indian Rummy card games, you should know when to take risks and when to avoid them. You must be able to assess the cards in your hand and decide whether or not to play rummy card game. You can continue to play the game when you have a good hand. When you have a poor hand and you are not sure of your chances of winning, it is best to choose first drop or second drop.

Fifth Day- Understand the Different Rummy Gaming Strategies

A good rummy player knows the different rummy gaming strategies. He knows what to make of the opponent moves. He knows how to plan his own moves to increase the chances of winning. He also knows when it is not safe to continue with the game.

When the opponent disposes a low point card while you have not even completed life, it could mean you are losing. A player disposes a low point card when his hand is close to completion. So, you may have to decide whether to continue playing or to quit at this point.

If the opponent disposes joker cards, it could mean the player is struggling to complete his pure sequence. You can then plan your moves accordingly.

Sixth Day- Practice Rummy Gaming

Once you have understood all aspects of rummy gaming, you can try and put the skills to practice. Since the Khelplay Rummy app allows you to choose practice gaming, it is the best place to furnish your rummy gaming skills.

Seventh Day- Try Some Real Cash Gaming

Once you are sure you are perfect in your rummy gaming, go ahead and participate in some cash rummy gaming. If you are really good at the skills you have acquired, you will surely win money by playing rummy online.

So, what are you waiting for? Start rummy gaming on Khelplay Rummy App right now for non-stop rummy fun.

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