7 Money Earning App categories in India You should know!

Almost every human being has one thing surely in their mind, and work for it: Earning money. Can you survive today’s world without money? Of course not! Many of us earn enough but are still not satisfied with it. They look for more ways to earn extra money, and guess what, there are! One of them is using apps through which you can earn money.

Did you know? Today we have quite many dozens of apps of various categories, available for everyone to use and make a good amount of money in your free time. Do you like to play card games, or teach? Well, you can easily use your skills and earn handsomely as your 2nd income. Here are 7 app categories to earn money in India:

Digital Payment Apps

Most of you might already be using apps like PayTm, PhonePe, etc. It’s a great way to do financial transactions quickly, and also to earn money in the form of discounts, coupons, cashbacks, redeemable reward points, etc. You earn also for referring these apps to your friends.

Rummy Apps

The online version of Indian Rummy has become extremely popular. Lakhs of Indians are now playing rummy on various rummy platforms that provide a wholesome experience of this skilful game. You get to win lakhs of cash and other prizes daily on them, esp. in special promotions and Tournaments. So, whether you know to play it or not, if you aren’t on it, you must give rummy a try. Online rummy is a great way to play and earn.

Online Teaching Apps

Do you have any skills and can teach the same to others? Then what’s stopping you? Apps like WONK let you do just that. You just need to fulfil some criteria and you become a certified WONK teacher. You can earn, on an average of Rs.250 to Rs.1,000 per hour of teaching. You just can’t ignore this option if you have some serious skills to teach.

Fantasy Sports Apps

Most of you are familiar with apps like Dream11. Only a few minutes of activity and you could win in lakhs! You just have to make your custom teams for sports matches. The more points your team scores, the more chances you win a better prize. If you are a cricket or Football lover, just download one such app and start playing.

Multipurpose Apps

Well, what to say about such apps? Multipurpose means, you can just do many activities in them to earn money. You can take part in contests, invite friends, do reading, take surveys, play games, install other apps, check horoscopes, walk & burn calories, and the list is endless. Some examples are TaskBucks, RozDhan, mCent, DataBuddy, Moo Cash, etc.

Casual Games Apps

As the name says, it is simple, you play casual games and earn money by winning prizes in them. One of the most famous apps of this type is MPL. Most of us anyways play some casual games in our mobiles during our free time, so why not do it and earn money? You get many casual games in one app. If you haven’t tried one, just download a casual game app and get started.

Other Apps

Besides the above, you have ‘earning’ apps like Translation apps, app reviewing apps, reselling apps like Meesho, Health apps, Usability testing apps, etc. We never know which new category could begin in the field of earning apps.

You might be wondering how is it possible for these apps to survive and let you earn money too? Well, they earn too, via various ways like paid services for advanced features, merchandise, in-app purchases or advertising, sponsorships, referral, etc. It is rightly said, ‘It’s good to work hard, but better to work smart’. These apps are a great way to earn some extra in your free time. Which is your favourite one? If we have missed any, or you know that isn’t in this list, then let us know in the comments below.

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