7 Signs You are ready to play Real Cash Rummy

If you know the game of rummy inside out, if you know all the rules of it, if you’ve been playing the offline version for years now, then it is okay if you started playing the online version of Real Cash Rummy from the beginning, provided you have total control over your finances. Otherwise, it is wise to begin playing online rummy with practice games.

But there comes a time when you are ready to take the next step – to play cash rummy. Because that is the main reason for you to play rummy right? To win lots of cash prizes! So, when do you know you are ready? Some players know it, but for those who still ponder over it, here are 7 signs that could give you an answer:

Responsible Gaming

The most important thing here is that you are above 18 years of age. Cash gaming is not allowed for any minor. You play responsibly and have set a limit on your gaming time, whether it is daily, weekly or monthly. You know very well that online rummy is for entertainment purposes only, and that you play it only when you get time from your hectic schedule of work/studies, etc.

You know the Rummy Platform completely

You didn’t just play a few practice games, but also know all the features of the app and web browser version of the platform. You can use them like a pro whenever you want.  

Full control over your Deposits

This is a crucial factor to have if you don’t want to go into losses. You should know the difference between entertainment and serious business. Don’t play rummy to escape your problems, don’t chase losses. Most rummy platforms have measures/features that will help you control your finances as well as gaming time, make full use of those.

You know to Quit early

Yes! Sometimes, when you get bad cards, the best way is to take a drop. It is any day better than to lose with a big margin of points later. When you quit even before the 1st move is made, you lose just 20 points. This you can easily cover in the next game. You can also quit until the halfway point (lose by 40 points). Just you should know when to do it.

Has your Decision-making changed?

You should have developed a good decision-making ability before starting cash gaming in Indian Rummy. In some situations, you will need to take big decisions in just a few seconds. So, if you haven’t yet, develop your quick decision making ability in more practice games.

You are a good observer

Why this is important? Simple, observing what your opponents are doing, is an integral part of rummy gaming. When you know your opponents’ cards, moves, strategies, it gets easier for you to counter them and set yourself on the path to winning. This is especially crucial in high-stakes games/against pro players.

Only a skilled player is a good opponent?

If you think that an experienced player, a pro player will be a tough opponent, then you need to play more practice games. You should never assume your victory or take it easy against a new player. On his/her day, a new player can also defeat you in rummy. Even though you get to learn a lot from a skilled/pro player, you should take every match seriously.

Evaluate yourself over these 7 points, see where you stand concerning each, then you will get a clear picture of whether to level up to real cash rummy or wait for some time. Ensure that once you have begun your rummy gaming earnings, you have done it with full preparedness. So, if you are ready for real cash rummy, download a rummy app and begin your journey to win lots of cash prizes.

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