8 Habits of Truly Consistent Rummy Players

One of the card games that is equally popular all over India is Indian Rummy Card Game. This game is a skills game and only people with certain important skills can excel in it. The experts in rummy card games cultivate habits that help to retain these skills. Here we have shared a list of 8 habits of truly consistent rummy players. Check them out:

Has a Plan of Action!

If you have to be good in any game, you must have a plan of action for the game. You must know how to proceed with the game. This rule applies even to rummy card games. All good rummy players have a proper plan of action. They know how o plan their moves. They know what to do first and how to proceed next.

Knows the Importance of Organising

One of the skills acquired by rummy players through frequent rummy gaming is organising. A good rummy player must possess essential organising skills. When the cards are dealt to each player, the players first arrange the cards in their hand. They do this in an organised fashion to assist their memory. They place all the cards that don’t form a part of any sequence or meld to one end of the hand. These are cards that need to be disposed. They place the joker cards and pulled-out jokers to the other end of the hand.

Focuses First on Life

Life is the minimum arrangement of cards in rummy card games up to which the player’s hand is regarded as a full hand. A good player knows how important it is to complete the life first. That is why his attention is first focussed on the completion of life. The rules for completion of life differ based on the variation of rummy being played. In a standard 13 cards rummy variation, you require a pure sequence and a real sequence for the completion of life.

Knows the Significance of Managing Points

Apart from single round rummy card games, points matter in all other variations of rummy games. That is why a good rummy player knows the importance of managing points in the hand. He will make sure he disposes all the high point cards that do not form a part of any sequence or meld. He will be constantly looking out for ways to reduce the total points in the hand in more ways than one.

Makes Wise Use of Jokers

Jokers in rummy card games are like wild cards in UNO. It is important that you use these cards prudently to make the best out of them. A good player knows how to rearrange the cards in order to make the best use of jokers. He may replace a joker with a card he picks so that he may use the joker card to complete some other meld or sequence.

Knows When to Discard Jokers

While jokers are the wild cards of rummy games, excess jokers may also act as hurdles in your path to rummy winning. That is why good players may sometimes choose to discard extra jokers in order to make place for cards to make up the pure sequence.

Takes Only Calculated Risks

We may have to take some risks in rummy card games. It is important that we view the pros and cons before taking any risk. Good players only take calculated risks. This prevents them from losing the game due to overconfidence.

Pays Attention to the Game

Since rummy is a skills game, paying attention is extremely important. If you lose your focus in the midst of the game, your opponent may win the game. A good rummy player pays attention to the game. This is important so that he continues to be a consistent performer in the game of rummy.Khelplay Rummy is the best app to practice your rummy gaming skills. Download the app on your smartphone for endless rummy fun.

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