9 Funny Rummy Moments & Their Memes

What is life without fun and laughter? Nothing! Life goes awesome when you find amusement in most moments during the day. Some people find humour even in embarrassing or bad moments. Take the example of card games. While playing rummy, many a time you experience bad or funny moments. When such moments arrive, funny players make faces or expressions that are best described by some famous memes.

Let’s see 9 frequent situations and their relatable memes while playing Indian rummy that could be awkward but also funny for you. Refer to the memes with serial no. in the above feature image.

You were expecting bad cards, instead, you got good cards.

Most of us have got this habit of lowering our expectations before itself so that later on we don’t get disappointed or sad. This is why, in such situations, you get pleasantly surprised and make that expression. You know, a win should be easy for you from here.

When you get a pure sequence & set but don’t get that one extra card needed to finish the game.

One card, just 1 card, and you have to wait like the Pablo Escobar of image. Some players get it in the end, but some never get it. In this situation, you learn the importance of 1 card, don’t you? Then you are like – ‘Ek card ki kimmat, tum kya jano Ramesh babu’.

You declared but it was a wrong show.

This happens mostly with newbies or those who still didn’t get some of the rummy rules or those who play in a hurry. Bro, you have to be patient, check all your cards before declaring, or you surely will end up like the Spider-Man crying.

You are about to declare, suddenly an opponent declares.

Everything is going good for you in online rummy. All the cards have been arranged by you in proper sets/sequences, and you are ready to declare, waiting to pick that extra card. But out of nowhere, an opponent declares. Haha, it is natural to have varied negative emotions, like the one shown above. What else can you do now? Nothing! Game over. Start a new one.

When you are trying to confuse an opponent but you only get confused.

This one is really funny. Just look at the expressions of the man, haha. That will be your face when you are trying to use a strategy of confusing your opponents about your moves or cards; but things got really complicated, or you forgot some of your plans/moves in the process, hence the opposite result. It’s okay, it happens sometimes.

Calculations have got complicated/wrong.

We can understand, sometimes it is difficult to control all variables, permutations and combinations, all your calculations done to get the best path for a win. You get so deep in it, that you get confused, and are now picking up the calculations, trying to make a sense of them. Just keep going, you will get back to pre-confusion levels.

When you discard a card but it was the one needed by an opponent to do a valid show.

Haha, haha. Just can’t stop laughing at this situation. Even you or any friend will laugh when they hear it. This is why it is said that you must try to know all the cards of your opponents, so as to not give them/discard what they need. Or else, that is the face you will make, the world famous meme.

When the Internet connection interrupted your game.

Won’t you make that angry face in this situation? Because the internet is not something that is under your control. That anger will be more if you were just about to win, or a crucial moment/move was going on, or you were in the final of a Tournament. But you are totally helpless, what can you do but wait, right? All the abuses come to the player’s mind in such a situation.

When you were searching for the Joker card, and finally you get it.

That expression is like a winning expression because you know that a Joker card can do a lot, it alone can win you games sometimes. Hence, you were searching for it, right? Once you get it, you’re like, you’ve got the power, to at least change the course of the game or bring in a twist to the story.

So, which of the above situation do you relate to, the most? And which of the meme expressions have you done till now? The game of rummy should not just be played, but enjoyed wholeheartedly, irrespective of your situation in the game. If we have missed any rummy situation that you experience more, do tell us in the comments.

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