Convince Your Partner to let You play Rummy!

The skillful game of Indian rummy is played by lakhs of people in India. Since it is illegal to play for those who are under 18 years of age, we can safely assume that most of you have someone in your life who loves you very much and vice versa. Why we are bringing this topic now in between gaming? Well, now is the 2nd week of February, the week of love, days like rose day, propose day, etc. all of which culminates into valentine’s day.

These are the days most likely your partner will demand more attention from you. But you also have to take part in the Valentine special promotions on various rummy platforms like tournaments etc. so, how will you convince him/her to let you play rummy? Only a few among you will be lucky if your partner too is playing rummy dedicatedly like you, but the majority ones, continue reading…

Time to share your winnings with them!

This could be difficult for some of you, but as the saying goes – ‘To win something, you have to lose something’. You can negotiate the percentage like 50-50, or even 30-70 in their favour. You could start with 75-25 in your favour, depending on how well you know your partner and their mood on the spot. Gradually increase their percentage by 5 or 10, until they are convinced. And if your partner thinks you can’t win in online rummy, try the other 3.

Invite them & Teach Rummy to your partner

This could be a great way to spend more quality time together. If your partner is already on a rummy platform, play a few games with them. Otherwise, a perfect time to use the ‘Refer a Friend’ option, introduce them to the world of rummy and be their rummy buddy. Teach them all the basics, rules, how to play the game, etc. Share your strategies, tips & tricks and help them become a good rummy player. Once they are into rummy and start liking the game, your problems could get solved forever! 

Set an offer they can’t refuse

This is the time to do some bargaining. For example, if they want to go on a dinner date, tell them – if they let you play rummy today, you will take them on 2 dinner dates (or a bigger number like 3 or 4). This you can do for any other activity they like or want to do with you instead of letting you play rummy. Your offer can also begin after an hour of rummy gaming, not necessarily on any future date. Know their weakness and target that, in return for your rummy gaming.

Assure them of the Gift you will Win

Sometimes in special rummy promotions or tournaments, prizes are not only in cash, but also in the form of some other goodies like a mobile phone, smartwatch, motorbike, car, gold, any home appliance like Television, or any kitchen appliance like a Fridge, etc. Show them all these prizes on offer and convince them whatever you will win, will be theirs. Or better, ask them which of the prize they wish for, and go for that (no pressure on you if it’s a 10th place prize!).

Well, it might be difficult to convince those who are real stubborn. In that case, you can still do a deal like, if you listen to them now, they should listen to you tomorrow, and you know what to say then. This convincing activity not only applies to you all during this valentine week but for the whole year. All the very best for convincing, let’s hope you get both – playing rummy & a satisfied/assured partner.

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