Defeat Your Opponent in Rummy in 6 Easy Steps

All rummy players know that rummy is a skills game. This game requires specific understanding of certain important skills. This is the reason why all the card players are not equally good at rummy card games. Here we have shared 6 easy steps to defeat your opponent in Indian Rummy Card Games. Try them out and see how these tips work wonders in your rummy gaming experience.

Observe and Understand Your Cards

Unless you understand the importance of the cards you hold, you cannot win in any card game. Rummy is no exception to this rule. That is why it is best to understand and arrange the cards in the hand first. Arrange the cards in a manner that makes it easy to remember them. Expert players usually dump the cards to be disposed to one end of the hand. They place the jokers and pulled-out jokers to the other end of the hand. The middle portion of your hand should hold the cards in action. This will make it easy for you to view the cards that need to be converted into sequences and melds.

Take Risks After Evaluating Pros and Cons

A risk taker is not a person who blindly takes risks. A risk taker and a good player knows well how to take calculated risks. These are people who evaluate the pros against the cons and then plan their moves. When you get the cards in your hand, check whether there are any existing sequences. You must also check whether there are cards that may make up sequences or melds with the addition of one card. If you have any of these at the start of your game, you can play the hand. If you have a very poor hand, choosing first drop would be your best bet.

If you had a good hand at the start but later your luck changed, you may have to alter your plans too. In case you observe that the opponent is close to completing rummy while you have still not achieved life, you can consider second drop at this point. The points charged in case of second drop are double that of the points charged during first drop.

Make Strategies to Beat Opponent

There are different strategies that rummy players use to beat the opponent. Expert players always keep their options open. They make multiple pairs of incomplete sequences by combining pairs of adjacent cards of the same sign. For example, they may keep 4 and 5 of hearts ready. The sequence can be completed if the player gets either 3 of hearts, 6 of hearts or a joker. Maintaining such multiple pairs increases the player’s chance of completing life as well.

Good players also hold onto cards that opponents may need. This delays the opponent’s completion of sequences and thus delays completion of the hand. Players who are experts in rummy are able to assess the cards required by the opponent based on the cards they disposed in the past moves or the cards they picked from the disposed pile.

Good players also prevent picking cards from the disposed pile till their life is complete. This is a precaution taken to prevent the opponent from understanding your hand.

Always Keep an Eye on the Points

If you are playing any series rummy card games, points in each round decide your fate at the end of the series. Even in individual points rummy card games, points are crucial in deciding the winner of the game. That is why it is important to keep an eye on the points in your hand.

You can dispose cards that are not a part of any sequence or meld during your turn. If you have several cards that don’t form any sequences or melds, you should dispose off the high point cards among those first. This will help to reduce the total points in your hand. Your focus should be on reducing points after you have completed your life.

Use Jokers Judiciously

Jokers can help in several ways to complete your hand in rummy card games. You can use jokers to reduce the total points in your hand. You can use jokers to complete real (artificial) sequences or melds. Good use of joker is a skill all good rummy players possess. You can acquire this skill too with practice.

Learn From Every Game You Play

It is important to learn from every game of Indian Rummy. This will help you beat your opponents easily. It is ok to lose in a couple of games so that you learn where you are going wrong. Practice rearrangement of cards to form the perfect sequences or melds. Once you understand and apply these 6 steps, there is very less scope for you to lose in Indian Rummy card games. Download Khelplay Rummy app to enjoy online sessions of practice rummy gaming.

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