5 Benefits of being a New Rummy player

We were always a beginner, a novice in everything we did till now, when we did it for the first time. Driving your vehicle, writing with a pencil, playing cricket, playing card games like rummy, etc. are just some of the examples. Some may say that a new rummy player doesn’t have a chance against an expert, and isn’t experienced in playing rummy, but there are certain advantages to being a novice in rummy. Really! Read along to know 5 benefits that a newbie in online rummy has:

No Past Baggage

Since newbies have hardly played any rummy, they have hardly lost any matches. Hence, they don’t have any worries or concerns about any past loss getting repeated. They don’t have any baggage or any negative thought about a match or tournament loss. New players are like clean slates, confidently ready to write new victories in their experience.


New players have this tactical advantage that they have hardly played against any opponent (whether once or more than once). So their opponents find it difficult to read their game or playing style. Their opponent doesn’t know which strategy or playing style to use until they start playing. New players can work this out to their advantage in winning the game.

Nothing to Lose

Usually, new players begin their rummy career by playing low stakes matches like practice games or cash games of lower values. Hence, even if they lose the game, they have almost nothing to lose actually. Contrary to this, experienced rummy players tend to play on high value tables of over a thousand rupees. Now they surely have thousands of rupees at stake, right?

Biggest First Bonus

Almost all the rummy platforms give awesome offers to their newly registered players. Especially the first deposit bonus is usually bigger than any subsequent deposit offers. E.g. the 200% Bonus up to Rs.1 lakh* is something that nobody will want to miss. So, if you are a new player, well, take full advantage of your First deposit bonus, because you won’t get any offer like this again.

Free Tournaments

Besides the biggest bonus, rummy platforms also treat their players to some free tournaments. Even though the experienced players too can play in Freerolls, some free tournaments are specially made to be played by only the new players. The newbies here have a great chance to earn awesome cash prizes without investing any money.

Well, if you are a new player in rummy, we bet you certainly felt good to be a newbie in rummy, after reading this. There is nothing in this world that doesn’t have any advantage for us if we take it in the right way. It is only a matter of time and practice, until you become experienced in playing Indian rummy and become a moderate, then an expert player in rummy. Have patience, and keep playing the skillful game of rummy.

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