5 Experiences that give Thrill similar to Rummy

One of the reasons why online rummy is so much popular all over the world is the fact that it gives a thrilling experience. If you have played rummy, you will vouch for the exciting thrill during every round of it. Are there any other card games that come close to rummy? Of course not. This skill-based game is unpredictable right from the first move till the last.

You never know who will win it right until the end, one move, one card is enough to completely turn the game in your/opponent’s favour. Rummy tournaments are more thrilling than individual games. Besides rummy, there are only a few activities that give thrills similar to Indian rummy. Let’s know 5 such experiences:

Watching an Action Movie

The action sequences are what keep us on the edge of our seats and thrill us. Besides action movie, thrilling movie, suspense movie, and horror movie also gives us a thrilling experience akin to playing Indian rummy. Such movies have all that we wish for: Intriguing story, mystery, action, love, plot twists, and a good conclusion.

Watching T20 Cricket

The game of cricket became more exciting and thrilling with the advent of T20. The 50-over version was interesting but isn’t up to the level of T20. Whether you are watching international cricket or any franchise based league, every ball matters in it. One delivery can change the course of the match and you never know until the last ball who is going to win. Not for nothing this game is like a religion in our country.

Adventure Sports

Some examples of adventure sports are: skydiving, rappelling, river rafting, bungee jumping, paragliding, snorkelling, skilling, etc. we don’t do adventure sports so frequently, it is risky but that is what makes it exciting and thrilling as you have to stay focused on your activity all the time. All of this is similar to playing rummy online as in the end, you emerge a winner having sailed through all the odds and difficulties.

Election Results

Indians have a great interest in politics and we also have so many political parties some of who are national and most of who are regional. Elections happen more often than not as there are separate elections for national, state level, and local body level. Add to it the fact that our population is more than 1.3 billion and you will understand the margin/importance of even one vote. Whenever there are election results, the possibility of winning keeps on swinging as the votes are being counted. You never know which candidate is the winner right until the last vote is counted. Watching all this on TV gives the same thrilling feeling as you play rummy, whether only one table or you play rummy on multiple tables.


Visiting new and different places is always an exciting and thrilling experience because you don’t know that place, you have never been there before. There is an element of uncertainty, about what is in store for you at that place. Even the days from booking tickets to actually being there make us excited. We discover the unknown and experience a new place that is so different from our city, this enriches our mind, refreshes us, excites, and thrills us just like rummy.

Feeling that adrenaline rush of uncertainty and thrill is something we just love to experience, isn’t it? Whether it is rummy games online or bungee jumping. How many of the above activities have you experienced till now? Do you know more such activities that give similar thrilling experience? Tell us in the comments below.

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