5 Personality Types in Gaming You Should Know

Have you ever wondered about the fact that players can be categorized into different types based on their gaming style and their behaviour? Most of us must have played some or the other games like card games that involve 2 or more players. Different people have different personalities, tastes, likes and dislikes, and different objectives when it comes to gaming. Dr. Richard Bartle studied this aspect in the 1990s decade which was known as ‘Bartle’s player types’. The study was titled ‘Hearts, Clubs, Diamonds, Spades: Players Who Suit MUDS’. So, let’s see which are the 5 gaming personality types according to this study:


These gamers like to experience and enjoy everything that is available to them. They play single player, multi-player, etc. they use each setting of the game, use each feature given in the game, etc. For e.g. in the rummy game, they will play in all the versions, 10, 13, 21, and 27 cards rummy, Pool, Points, and Deals rummy. They also end up discovering the hidden treasures and rewards.


These are the types of players who know all the benefits of online games. They are more interested in interacting with other players and making new friends than actually playing the game. Hence, such players will almost every time play games that have a multiplayer mode. They are an active part of gaming communities, they form and join gaming forums, and they have more gaming friends that any other type of player.

Casual Gamers

Well, technically, this type of gamers is designated by Bartle, as a sub category of Socializers, but we added this as the 5th because there are way more casual gamers in the world to keep this one as a sub category. As the name suggests, they just like to try their hand at playing different games. They never get serious at playing any game.  


Players of this category will do anything to win even if they ain’t really a successful type. They like to bluff most of the time, like to confuse their opponents. They are more focused on defeating their opponents than on themselves winning the game.


The achievers are the true and ideal online gamers. Even though they also like to do acting like the killers type above, they are more successful than the killers. Contrary to focusing on their opponents, the achievers are interested in their own gaming world. They like to win every game, collect points, go up the levels, win trophies or other goodies, etc. They know exactly how to earn money from online games.

There are also other sub-categories like the casual gamers mentioned above. They are the creators, thinkers, and the amateurs. The amateurs are the newbies, budding explorers who make mistakes more frequently while playing. The thinkers and the creators are the sub types of killers and achievers personality categories. You may think that they are amateurs, but with one move, they can turn the match in their favour.

Whether you play online rummy or any racing game, you can put any gamer into any one of these types. Players can change their category and go from one to another as they keep on playing. The more you will play, the more chances that you will fall into the Achievers category. Now that you know about these gaming personality types, determine in which category will you fall, and your friends who are into gaming.

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