5 Reasons To Prefer Online Rummy

Since quite a few centuries, the game of rummy has entertained crores of people in the world as they played with their friends and families. To play rummy using a physical deck of cards was a special pastime during the festivals in India. Rummy was and still is one of the most popular card games, but instead of offline rummy, today the popularity of online rummy is increasing with each day. Since the decade of 2010, online rummy has grown exponentially and today, many Indians are trying their hand at online rummy. If you are still confused, here are 5 reasons why you should prefer online rummy over offline rummy or any other online game:

Freedom of Playing

In offline rummy, you needed a deck of 52 cards and at least one friend or family member to play the game. Hence, you had to pre-plan about playing rummy game, which means only at a specific place and time. But in online rummy, you just need a mobile and a good Internet connection. This lets you play Indian rummy at any time of the day, at any place you wish, from your home, office, or while travelling, and with anybody you wish. Why to limit yourself only to friends and family? Now play this game in your own time, ‘rummy time’.

Lots of Prizes

Most of the offline rummy games are played freely with friends, or having a certain small amount contributed by all participants. But in rummy games online, you get to win lots of cash prizes, which are real money! The prizes go big in Tournaments, and on special occasions, they touch the 7 or 8 digit mark too! You can easily make winning from online rummy game, as your healthy secondary income if you play online rummy regularly on rummy platforms.

Safe & Easy Transactions

Now are you worried about putting and taking out money? But why? On rummy platforms, you get multiple options to deposit money and withdraw your cash winnings. You can deposit via UPI, various cards, Net Banking, various payment apps like PayTm, etc. Likewise, you can take back the cash winnings via UPI & Net Banking within minutes or even seconds. All these transactions are safe and secure, having multiple layers of security. This is one of interesting rummy facts.

Always Customer Support

If you ever face any problems, need any help, if you want to ask any query, just about anything, you need not wait for anybody from the side of the rummy platforms, they have a customer support team that works round the clock. With the help of chat, email, or calling option, you can contact any expert from their team and get satisfied about your problems or queries on the spot. They have trained professionals and experts of the game who are friendly and helpful in every way.

Loyalty and VIP

Most of the rummy sites run various Loyalty programs where they reward their players for playing up to a certain number of games or certain time or any other criteria. The rewards can vary from cash prizes or other merchandise. They also have VIP clubs for those wo have attained a certain expert level. There are different levels or categories of Loyalty and VIP. The VIPs get special treatment in various ways like more rewards, exclusive tournaments, priority assistance, etc.

There are more reasons, but you should be convinced in these 5 reasons only that it is better to play online rummy over the offline version or any other online game. It is so easy and quick to start playing rummy online. Just download a rummy app, register, and start playing. Apart from the above reasons, if you want to state any other reasons in favour of online rummy, do tell us in the comments below.

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