Have You Found The Similarities Of Rummy & Life?

Some games give us more than we imagine. Some games are beneficial for us in more ways than just winning real cash prizes. Which games are we talking about? Online card games like rummy. It is one of the most famous card games in India, played by lakhs of Indians regularly. Rummy has more to it than just forming sets and winning. Know the close connection of Online Rummy and life, what the games gives you, that helps you in other aspects of life:

Observing & being Mindful

You have to observe each move of your opponents, their behaviour, and their interaction with others. Everything gives a clue about their cards, their next move, etc. always be mindful of what’s going on in the game. Likewise, you have to be mindful of your surroundings, esp. in a public place. Be observant and be aware.


Structure your life by being organised in every aspect of life. When you don’t plan in advance, you end up messing your work at the last minute and that definitely doesn’t take you to your goals. Even in rummy, you plan your moves in advance, execute them, and be sure of a win; whether you are playing on a single table or multi-tables at once.

Seeing the bigger picture

Rummy tests our management skills, in the cards that we have and get, we have to complete the sets/sequences and declare. We have to think about the overall game and not just about one card or move and try to cut down our points to a minimum. Even in life, we should manage problems with a calm mind. See the bigger picture, whether it is a personal or professional issue. 

Quick decisions

Sometimes you have to take a split-second or quick decision in crucial moments in life (probably life-saving too). This quality you will get from playing Indian rummy, as you get only about 30 seconds (in most rummy platforms) to decide which card to discard. 

Making Predictions

When we already consider some future possibilities in advance, it becomes easier to plan for every eventuality. It also becomes easier to face them when one of them actually happens. Even in Indian rummy, when you predict the next moves of your opponents after observing their game, it becomes easier to plan your own moves and strategies accordingly.

Never give up

This is one great quality that the Rummy game imparts in us. You will surely lose some games, you may make a losing streak of a few games, but this won’t continue forever; once again you will start winning in rummy. The key is to never give up, keep playing, keep giving your 100% effort, not just in rummy, but in life itself, in your career, achieving your dreams/goals.

So, the next time if anybody starts preaching to you about how ‘playing games is a waste of time, use your time in productive activities’ etc. you have all the above pointers to preach them back, and also refer your friend to the rummy platform you play in. Keep playing rummy, keep getting better in life.

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