How to Earn Money from Online Games?

If some of you are surprised after reading the above title, then let us tell you: it is absolutely and easily possible to regularly earn real money by playing online games. Now your question will be – how? This article has been written to answer this same question! People play online games for many reasons and online games have many benefits, now you can add ‘Earning real cash’ also to that list. Let us know how to do it.

The Equipment

There shouldn’t be any kind of misconception that you will need to invest big to play games for winning money. You don’t need to buy a PlayStation or an Xbox to get started. A good Personal Computer will do for some game titles, otherwise, you can also play online games on your smartphone. The only thing you will need, is an Internet connection.

We are not talking about earning money by live-streaming your gaming activity, this is an allied activity in which professional players get paid by sponsors to play games. You can be an amateur in gaming and still earn a healthy amount of cash while playing online games.

Type of ‘Cash’ Games

Not every online game let us earn money, some of them are meant to be played only for free, and in some of the games, you can earn tokens or equivalent, but you just cannot convert that into real cash. You have to select the right game and platform for earning real money. Here are the types of games that can pay you:

Card games, strategy games, sports games, casino games, arcade games, first-person shooter games, etc. some other paying games cannot be classified into the above categories though.

Card Games – Rummy

Now let us talk about one category, card games. 3 card games that are played the most in the world are: Poker, Online Rummy, and Teen Patti. Out of these, the easier one to learn and play is rummy game. You just have to select a reliable rummy platform (go for the one that has been in the market for around a decade) and make an account.

It is not compulsory to make a deposit in order to win real cash in online rummy, you can take part in free tournaments and still win a handsome amount. After you’ve got the confidence of considerable wins, then go on to bigger tables and tournaments by depositing, because then you get to win real big cash prizes. Rummy platforms regularly run exciting new offers, tournaments, and promotions which you shouldn’t miss at all.


It is a type of competition in which online game players compete to win big prizes, and the competition takes place in one place where real spectators too, are involved to watch and cheer, just like real outdoor sports. These competitions are not necessarily for professional players only, but even for amateurs. They are held in many countries (including India) at regional, country or international level. Popular games in which regular competitions are held, are: Dota, card games, Counter-Strike, multiplayer online battle arena, StarCraft, etc.

Isn’t this an awesome feeling – doing what you enjoy and also earning real cash by doing it. Think about it, instead of spending time playing free games, you can play the ones that will let you earn real cash and in this way, you could even have a secondary source of income. You should know thousands of Indians actually have their primary source of income from playing online games like Indian rummy.

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