How to Identify a Bot while playing Rummy?

When online rummy was introduced to the game enthusiasts over a decade ago, it revolutionized the game because of 2 big advantages it offered: Now you can play rummy with any player situated in any part of the world, and you really don’t need to have a physical pack of 52 cards. Today online rummy is thriving in the world. Even in India, lakhs of people play rummy online on the various rummy platforms.

Since every coin has 2 sides, when it comes to online rummy, the one worry for players while playing the game, is: am I playing with a real opponent or a bot? A bot is a computer software program designed to perform a specified automated task. It is too difficult to defeat a bot in rummy. So, how do you identify it? Check for the following signs:


This is the best way to know whether your opponent is a bot or a human. If your rummy platform has a feature to chat with your opponents in-game, then just do it. Those who respond, are humans, those who don’t reply, keep talking in your mother tongue, until they reply. A bot will never reply to a message.

Playing Style

Usually, humans change their playing style during the game, from aggressive to passive or vice versa, or any other style. On the other hand, a bot is designed to play with only one fixed style. Watch out for opponents who are playing the game in one style only.

Multiple Tables

Usually, rummy platforms adhere to RNG (Random Number Generation) that ensures players not only get random cards but also random seating arrangements. Hence, it should become rare for you to encounter the same player on multiple tables. Bots are inherently designed to play on multi-tables all through the day. If you meet the same player on 2 or 3 tables, that could be a bot.

Quick Moves

Bots don’t have a mind of their own. They are designed to perfectly play every move with a set plan. They don’t take time for any move, just the same 1-2 seconds to make their quick moves. You know that we humans take a different amount of time in each move, out of the given 30-seconds or so. Sometimes you will play in 5 seconds only, sometimes, it will be 25 seconds, etc. If your opponent is taking the same short time for his (its) move, that’s a bot man.

Different Variants of Rummy

It is not easy to play and master multiple versions of rummy (From 10 cards rummy to 27 cards, Points, Deals, and Pool rummy, etc.) in a short time. It is further not easy to keep winning games consistently in all the formats. You need a lot of practice. Even pro players find it difficult to win regularly in all formats. If you come across such a player, then there is a high probability that it is a bot, as they rarely lose a game.

When we realise that we are playing against a bot, that really ruins our mood, because we inherently come online to play against real people. Have you identified any bot using any other factor not mentioned here? Do tell us in the comments.

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