How to know the Authenticity of Rummy Platforms?

When it comes to the game of rummy, one good thing that has happened in the last decade is that it has gone online. Now you can play rummy at any time of the day with anybody situated in India (or the world, depending on your rummy platform). Coming on the topic of rummy platform, in the last decade, especially in the last 2-3 years, many online rummy platforms have come up in India.

Whether you know to play rummy or not, if you have decided to join a rummy platform, most likely you are going to get confused about choosing your rummy platform to play. Besides, you also have to be careful about the authenticity of the rummy platforms, because, are all of them genuine? Find out with these following points:

RNG Factor

A Rummy website should have the certificate of RNG (Random Number Generation), otherwise, there is a big chance of partiality in distributing cards at the beginning of the game. The dealing of cards should be in a free & fair manner, which is totally unpredictable and the same sequence is never repeated.

Players Testimonials

Check for the testimonials of players on their website. You can also check for reviews about the rummy platform on other sites, on google, etc. This will give you a fair idea about the genuineness of the rummy online platform.

Safety & Security

The first ever check you should do about a rummy platform is how much are they safe and secure to play, as well as, to do financial transactions. Because you are going to deposit and withdraw money from them. Check for the SSL encryption on their website. Check whether they are PCI compliant because your sensitive & confidential card information should be stored & processed with world class security.

AIGF Membership

The word AIGF stands for ‘All India Gaming Federation’. If your rummy platform is a member of this, then you should be assured of its authenticity.


When you register on a rummy platform to play Indian rummy, it is their duty and obligation to store your credentials, user data, banking information, with the maximum level of confidentiality. Even a small leak can cause collusions & frauds. Hence the payment gateway should be 100% secured & safe. Do read all the terms of use of all your personal information carefully.

Responsible Gaming

It is important for a rummy platform to promote ‘Responsible gaming’ because people under the age of 18 shouldn’t be allowed to play as it involves money. Besides that, the platform also should take steps in limiting the activity of players in playing over a certain amount of time, having deposit limits, counselling players if they got out of control, etc.

Rummy game is meant to be played just for entertainment purposes, hence, you should select your online rummy platform with utmost care & research. Any platform that meets all the above criteria should be seriously considered by you.

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