Identify Online Rummy Amateur Players Easily!

While playing the game of rummy online, have you ever wondered who your opponent could be? Where they could be from, their age, and more importantly: how much experience do they have in Indian rummy? To be a good rummy player, one thing you should be able to easily identify is: what is the experience level of your opponents, whether they are amateur or pro or somewhere in between. This makes it easier for you to know in which direction your rummy game could go, to make your game plan, and strategize accordingly. When your opponent is an amateur rummy player, your win probability increases. So, how do we identify online rummy amateur players? You can make use of the following pointers:

Usage of Closed deck

Most amateur rummy players haven’t come to the level of thinking of cards for their pile from the open deck. They either don’t know it or deliberately don’t even look at those cards, because they have got a habit of taking cards only from the closed deck. If your opponent never takes a card from the open deck, then that person can surely be an amateur rummy game online player. 

Taking a long time for their move

When you hardly have any experience in playing rummy, when you are still in the learning phase, you will obviously take your time to draw and discard the card. If your opponent is doing this consistently, then more likely they could be an amateur player. Amateur players think a lot while discarding their cards as they are still learning the rules of rummy, esp. which type of sets/sequences are to be done and which ones are to be avoided. Due to this reason, amateur players also take a long time to meld their initial cards into sequences or sets.

They easily leave the game

Amateur players haven’t developed or don’t use the ability to read their cards every time, especially in the beginning. So they keep on playing with the cards they have got and then after a few moves, realize that they won’t be able to meld all their cards before their opponent. At this point, most of the amateur players leave the game, i.e. drop out. This will be helpful for you if the same opponent joins your table in the next game, as now you know they are amateur.

Making multiple mistakes

Since amateur rummy players haven’t had enough practice, they are bound to make mistakes. Also, the fact that they are still learning rummy rules, sometimes they do what they are not supposed to do. E.g. discarding cards that you want, not taking the card from the open pile which could have completed their sequence, doing a wrong show, etc. if your opponent is making silly mistakes, even repeating them, surely your opponent is an amateur rummy game online player.

If you are an amateur rummy player and want to master the game, read these articles: on Rummy terminologies, and learning rummy in 7 days. Do you have any other tricks to identify an amateur rummy player? Tell us in the following comments.

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