If You Tick These Points, Rummy Is For You!

Online rummy is experiencing good growth and today we are seeing more advertisements for rummy platforms. Some of them are advertising even on Television. Many new online rummy platforms have been launched in the last few years than before. If you aren’t a rummy player on any online rummy platform yet, these advertisements, with the attraction of winning real money, must have surely made you think: shall I join a rummy platform and start playing? Will I do well?

Like these, there will be a lot of questions in your mind, whether rummy is really for you or not. Well, one way to know is, to read the following and assess for yourself:

How good are you at Observation, analysis and planning?

That much easy it will be for you to play and win in rummy. These skills and the game of rummy go hand in hand. If you are good at them, great, just start playing. If you aren’t, still start playing rummy! That’s because, by playing rummy regularly, you will surely develop these skills and get better at the game.

You like Strategy games!

Strategy games give a different kind of ‘proud’ feel when you win because you win without the adrenaline rush. It’s like chess, you have to observe, analyse and plan your every move, and each move should take you in the direction of victory. Develop a strategy for every possibility, you don’t just play your ‘own’ game, but also have to get involved in your opponents’ gameplay, to foil their attempt at victory.

You have time after work.

Nobody should work so much that they won’t find time for leisure activities or their hobbies. If you are among those who give time to the family after work commitments and still find some time to do what you like, then rummy gaming is for you. Because nobody can become good at rummy by playing only once a week, you need to play rummy consistently, like almost every day.

Are you good at Maths?

Okay so, not many people may tick mark on this point. But the maths required in rummy is basic. Cards in rummy have points that are added up to 80. Your aim is to bring this down to 0 by arranging them into set sequences. After every move, you must tally the points incurred and strategise to bring them to a minimum or 0. Do rapid calculations and keep up with the changing score of unmatched cards. Time to be good at addition and subtraction?

So, if you tick all or some of these above points, you can say that Indian Rummy is for you! You will settle well and win a lot of real cash prizes by playing rummy. If you don’t tick most or all of the points, listen to this: there are many people who won’t tick any of the above points, but still are pro and successful rummy players! So without any worries, download a rummy app and start playing rummy.

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