Improve Your Multi-Table Skills in Rummy!

In the beginning, playing rummy on one table becomes a task esp. for those who have just started to play the game of rummy. With time, they master that, but then, the prospect of playing on more than one table starts attracting them. Obvious reasons being that you can multiply your chances of winning real cash in the same time duration.

But, playing on multi-tables in rummy is not as easy as it sounds. Very few players master the art of playing on 2 or 3 rummy games at the same time in the beginning. Although, you don’t have to worry, with some practice and time, many players achieve this, and you too, can play and win on 3 tables simultaneously, just ensure you follow these tips:

  • Most of the online platforms give the maximum option of playing on 3 tables at a time. If you are trying to attempt on playing on all 3 in the beginning, hold on! Don’t rush into things. Take it gradually, you are already familiar playing one game at a time, now first try on 2 tables, practice some games. Once when you’ve got the flow, habit of 2 tables, only then you start playing on 3 tables.
  • Continuing from the above point, the second point to consider as you gradually make your way from 1 to 2 and eventually 3 tables at a time, is that whenever you play multi-tables rummy, ensure you play the same type of rummy game. For e.g. if you are playing the 13 card 101 pool rummy on one table, then don’t try to attempt 27 cards points rummy on another.

If you are playing the 10 cards best of 6 deals rummy, then on the 2nd table, open that type of game, same goes for the 3rd table. This is, of course in the beginning. As you gradually get into the groove, you may start attempting 2/3 different types of rummy games on 2/3 tables. Start doing this when you get confidence.

For these 2 above points, you should always try first in practice games. As you get the habit and wins, then move on to cash tables.

  • There is no shortcut with which you can master the art of playing multi-tables rummy, that too of 3 different types simultaneously. You have to keep practicing and learning from your gameplay experiences. In the beginning you are bound to make mistakes, you are bound to lose games (hence, try first in practice games), but you keep practicing, only that will make you perfect.
  • Multi-tables are not the ones where you do your rummy experiments with various styles, tricks, tactics, etc. Keep a consistency in playing and keep things simple. This is the best way in which you will master playing multiple versions of rummy on multi-tables. Use one style/strategy at a time, master it, then move on to others.

Nothing happens overnight, good things take time, and here you are giving yourself a triple chance of winning real cash by playing 3 games in the time duration of one. The above pointers will surely help you ace the multi-tables rummy gaming. Keep playing and win huge cash prizes in rummy.

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