Include These Gaming Resolutions in Your 2022 Resolutions!

A few days of 2022 have already passed and most of you must have surely broken a few of these: New Year Resolutions! Hats-off to those who are still going strong with them. Remember guys, 11 more months to go. Speaking of resolutions, among your new year resolutions, are there any gaming related resolutions? Hardcore gamers must surely have some. Well, if you are one among those who haven’t added any gaming resolutions, check the ones below:

  • Complete the half-played ones.

Many gamers have quite a few games that they play because of the novelty factor and then leave them midway for various reasons. It is time for you to complete the backlog, instead of thinking of buying new game titles. Resolute to finish the career mode or pending tasks of your games and then think about new ones.

  • Share your games with your friends.

What is gaming without friends right? The fun multiplies manifold when you share progress, exchange tips, help, compete with or against them while playing. You find somebody to console you when you lose. It is all a win-win situation.

Some games like Indian rummy also have referral schemes where you and your friend get various benefits when you add them to your rummy platform. Take advantage of such offers and resolute to invite your friends, and start playing with them this year.

  • Why be a couch potato?

You might think, how do we play games by not sitting in one place? Well, games have evolved. Today, you can play RPG games of the AR genre, which is, ‘Role-playing games’ of the ‘Augmented Reality’. The best and popular example is Pokemon Go. After the success of this one, many new such games were developed. Some games offer exercising, some games make you roam in your city, e.g. Treasure Hunt. Resolute to do some physical work, go out while playing games.

  • Anger: Control.

Nothing good happens when we are angry. The only result is, hitting your console, keyboard or something else and damaging it. Resolute that, you will control your anger while gaming. Whatever be the situation, whether you are having a losing streak or lost an important match because of a silly mistake. It is just a game, keep trying, the next one you will surely win.

  • Try a new game.

Some gamers have a habit to stick to one game or one genre. It is not a bad thing, but why not try a new genre like card games, or a new game like online rummy by downloading a rummy app? You never know you may show a better liking and talent in that new game! Resolute to try at least 1 new game this year.

  • Plan your precious time.

Gaming is not the only part of your life; you have a family life, studies/career too, which is more important. If you miss out on your gaming for a day or two, it is fine; if you play games every day, this is also fine. Just don’t go out of control overdo it, and affect other aspects of your life. Resolute to plan your game time well in advance. On work days, you may play less, on holidays, you may play more.

  • Become a master in a game.

When a gamer is ‘jack of all games, but master of none’; it is, in a way, a waste of your gaming activity right? You got to be best in at least one. You can turn pro in it, start earning from competitions, etc. Online rummy platforms help you in every way. You get all the rules, tips & tricks, strategies, tutorials, etc. Take advantage of all the help, and resolute to be a master in a game this year.

  • Watch your spending.

Playing free games is an awesome thing, but if you are spending money, do have control over it. Buy game titles only those which you will finish playing. The best is to spend money from where you may also get it back! E.g play card games like Rummy. You get so many offers, tournaments and special promotions in it. Take part in them and win lots of cash prizes. Resolute to spend money only there where you will benefit more.

Making resolutions is easy, but following them is hard. But it should be different for gamers, right? Gaming resolutions should be easy to follow! If you have already made gaming resolutions, you can still check if you missed any of the above and add them. Do you know any more gaming resolutions, but aren’t on this list? Do tell us in the comments.

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