Is Android Phone better for Mobile Games?

What do you look for in a mobile when you want to play games on it? Apart from the hardware components, it is the operating system, and currently, two of those are widely used and popular – Android and iOS. But if you compare them, then you will see that Android OS is in use a lot more than iOS. This is natural, since iOS is available only on Apple phones and you will get Android on almost every other phone.

To answer the question in the title – it is ‘YES’! and the above is not the only one reason for that, we have listed quite a few other reasons why you should prefer Android OS/Phone when it comes to mobile gaming:

  • Variety in Games

Since Android is open source, you will find a lot more games on the Play Store than the App Store of iOS. The Play Store also has somewhat relaxed rules for apps to get published there as compared to the App Store. Just type the word ‘rummy’ and you will find online rummy games from more platforms on Play Store than on the App Store.

  • Smart Searching

Android OS makes it lot easy for you to find the games you want to play and their category. You can search them on Play Store and even on! For e.g. if you want to search for games through which you can win real money, you can use keywords like ‘cash games’, ‘card games’, ‘rummy games’, etc. this way, you will be shown few options including the one which you will eventually start playing.

  • More FREE games

iOS has more paid games and less free games. This is exactly opposite in Android. This is good, since, it is not every time that we pay to play. Most of us would like to try the new game (of course for FREE) and then think of payment. Hence, Android triumphs over iOS in this too. You get a variety of free games to play on the Play Store.

  • More options in Mobiles

Another benefit of Android OS over the iOS is that you get to choose from a variety of mobiles/smartphones. For iOS, it is only the Apple phones, and we all know that they are not affordable for everyone. Different phone manufacturers having Android OS, regularly churn out new models with different new features and prices. You are literally spoilt for choices when it comes to Android mobiles.

  • Stability & Ease of Use

Games in the Play Store remain for a longer time whereas, the App Store keeps on deleting or changing game apps more frequently. That’s not all, you will find using the Android OS more simple, easy and user-friendly, whether it’s gaming or other features. Android OS also has more customisable options.

If you have never used an Apple mobile, it is preferred to not go for it over Android OS. For mobile games like Rummy and others, Android OS/mobiles are the best till date.

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