Did You Know These Interesting Rummy Facts?

Right from our childhood, we all have got amazed after hearing interesting and amazing facts on various topics. Do you remember any of those? How about the game of rummy? Have you heard any interesting facts about rummy game? Playing rummy is one thing that lakhs of Indians are doing, but showing total interest in it, is another thing altogether. Read these 15 Amazing Facts on Rummy and tell your friends while playing this skillful game to earn some brownie points in your group:

  • Some sources say that the Conquin card game from Mexico and Spain is a predecessor for Rummy.
  • A variation of this game was brought to the USA by Spanish immigrants.
  • The most popular versions of rummy in the USA is 500 rummy and Gin rummy.
  • Do you know the highest margin of victory in a rummy game? It is 500 points! A story goes that a player won with this margin.
  • One more origin story: A popular Chinese game, Mahjong is a progenitor of today’s rummy. Chinese people created this card game because it wasn’t easy for them to carry the mahjong tiles everywhere.
  • One study claims that by playing rummy, you get better at maths, better visual judgement, and better hand-eye coordination. More reasons to play rummy right?
  • Paplu Rummy is another name for the Indian Rummy game.
  • The Rummy game has over 60 variants played internationally and over 100 variants played at the local level, all over the world, thus making it one of the most popular card games.
  • There was a time, probably in the 18th or 19th century, when owning a deck of 52 cards was only possible for the rich. Others used to play with hand-painted cards!
  • During the years between 1960 and 1970, as a social game, rummy was played more number of times than all the other board games combined.
  • European soldiers used to regularly play rummy in cafes and the camps during the first world war.
  • Some say that Pinochle and Bridge games are derived from rummy, and hence consider rummy to be the mother of all card games.
  • The term ‘Rummy’ was coined by a Hungarian reporter since the game was popular in Irish cafes and British pubs. But the word ‘Rummy’ is a British slang that describes a ruffian or a Drunkard.
  • The game of rummy doesn’t have a confirmed single origin, but the timing is mostly correct: early 19th century.
  • A new player needs just 15 minutes to know the rummy terminology and rules and start playing rummy!

This is not an exhaustive list of rummy facts. But for today, this much awesomeness should be enough for you. Just like how you were ‘awed’, get ready to blow the minds of your friends in the next rummy game. Do you know any rummy facts that are not on the above list? Do tell us in the comments!

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