Make Smart Use of Face Cards

History tells us that in every kingdom in the world since ancient times, there used to be a King and a Queen. They were the most important and high-level people in their kingdom. We have a king and a queen even in the deck of 52 cards, in fact, 4 of them each, but in the game of online rummy, the thing that we hear most about them, is to discard them. Like really? Is it always compulsory and necessary? Of course not!

Basics of Face Cards

One deck has 52 cards in all. For now, let’s ignore the printed jokers as they are additional optional cards. These 52 cards are basically, either red or black in colour. They have 4 different suits, of which 2 are in red (diamonds and hearts) and 2 in black (spades and clubs). You have the Ace card, and number cards from 2 to 10. But 3 other cards are different in looks: they have more than 1 colour, in fact, they are colourful, and they have 2 faces each upside down, and hence called ‘Face cards’. They are: King, Queen, and a Joker, one in each suit. Thus, in all, they are 12 face cards in the deck. Along with the Ace card, these face cards have 10 points each, and together, these 16 cards are called as ‘high-value cards’.

Tips for using Face Cards

You must have read in various rummy tips & tricks, that you should discard these high-value cards at the earliest. This is correct only in situations when you know you won’t be able to make any sequence/set with these high-value cards. Otherwise, do read the following tips:

  • Creating Sequences

Face cards can form sequences with cards of 8, 9, and 10. Check which ones you have and see if you can form a pure sequence; or an impure sequence if you’ve got a wild card joker too.

  • Wait for 3 Rounds

Before deciding to discard your face cards, analyse all your cards and check which of your face cards need the one card that will help to meld the face cards into sequences. For this, wait for at least 3 rounds. Even after this, if your face cards are idle, then it is time to discard them. (well, you may get that one card in the 4th or 5th round, or even your opponent may declare in 5th round, the choice is all yours).

  • Ace card to the rescue

One unique property of the Ace card in Indian rummy, is that it can form a sequence with 2 & 3, but on the other side, it can also form a sequence with a King & Queen (and Joker). An Ace card can be used on both sides! Check if you can make a sequence of Face cards with an Ace card.

  • Use Face cards in making Sets

If you have 2 face cards of the same rank and a wild card joker, then you can make a set. If you have 3 or more face cards of the same rank, e.g. a King card of all 4 suits, then meld them into a set. You can even make a set of only 1 face card, by combining it with 2 wild card jokers, if you have them idle!

Face cards are equally crucial as the number cards, not just in rummy online, but also in other card games. You should not be in a situation where you discarded a face card only to get another from the closed deck that could have formed a sequence with the previous one. Expert and smart rummy players know exactly when and how to use or discard the face cards.

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