Points Rummy & Pool Rummy: A Comparison

Out of the many card games we have, can you name those that have multiple versions? We can take one name though: Rummy. When it comes to the number of cards used while playing, it has 4 versions: 10 cards rummy, 13 cards rummy – the most popular, 21 cards rummy, and 27 cards rummy. Using these number of cards, you can play online rummy in 3 distinct variations: Points rummy, Pool rummy, and Deals rummy. Have you ever wondered what differences are there in all of these? Let’s compare Points and Pool rummy in this article:

Points Rummy

This variation is called as points rummy probably because the winner is the one with the least number of points (actually, the one who does a valid show before all others). How many points have you incurred doesn’t matter, as the game gets over in one deal itself. You can call it as the ‘’T20 Cricket’ version of rummy as this game gets over within minutes, sometimes, even within one minute.

Strategies required to play points rummy differ from those needed for pool rummy. Here, you get 20 points in the first drop and 40 points in the middle drop, and the value of points is pre-determined in the beginning.

Pool Rummy

In this variation, multiple deals are played until the last man standing. Pool rummy has two types: 101 pool rummy and 201 pool rummy. Whether you play in 2 players or 6 players game, your aim is to keep your points the lowest. The player whose points reach 101/201 is eliminated. So, from 6 players, it will become 5, then 4 players, then 3, 2, and then the winner. You will get to play more deals in the 201 Pool rummy, than the 101 Pool rummy.

In cricketing terms, you can call Pool rummy as the ‘Test Match’. Drop points of the two types are:

  • 101 Pool Rummy:

In the 1st drop, you will get 20 points, in the middle drop, you will get 40 points, and a full hand is counted as 80 points.

  • 201 Pool Rummy:

Here, 25 points are incurred when you do a 1st drop, 50 points for a middle drop, and 100 points for a full hand.

Which one to play when?

The points rummy game gets over quickly in one round, while in the pool rummy, it may take even 5-6 rounds for some player to reach 101 points. Pool rummy requires more strategic planning and is challenging. When it comes to cash games, points rummy will be a better option as there are lesser risks in case of a loss and you can play more points rummy games in the time duration of one pool rummy game, this means more chances of winning real cash.

On the other hand, Pool rummy is better to be played in practice games as you get more rounds to hone your rummy skills, you get to do a comeback if you lose the first round. This means more chances of winning the game, and getting the crucial confidence needed to play real cash rummy. But in the end, it all depends on your frame of mind.

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