Rummy is a Skill-Based Game: 5 Reasons

Even though humans have been playing card games for many centuries, they are still not played at a universal level; like for example, Football or Cricket. Online Rummy is played by about a crore people in India, but it still dwarfs in front of Cricket, which is played by almost every active Indian male and some females, let’s say about 40 crores Indians! One of the reasons for this big difference could be the misconception around the game of rummy, especially this one – ‘rummy is a game of luck’, or, ‘Rummy is Jugaar’, meaning ‘gambling’. But the truth is, it is NOT! Rummy is a Skill-Based game. Here are 5 reasons supporting this naked truth:

  • No place for Luck.

The luck factor has nothing to do with the game of rummy. Except for the small part in which cards are dealt at the beginning of the game, luck doesn’t come into play. After the initial cards are dealt, your talent, hard work, and skills take centre stage. You will win or lose, based on your decisions, how you play, etc.

  • All you need are – Skills.

Yes, your skills play a huge part in deciding your win or loss. It’s what separates an expert rummy player from an amateur rummy player. Among the various skills you should possess, are: Mathematical skills, decision-making skills, planning, keen observation, analytics, memory skills, and emotional maturity.

Yes, emotionally you should be stable, you should not get carried away or shouldn’t make any decisions based on your emotions. If you don’t have any of these skills, or if they are average, you can always play practice games in rummy online and develop these skills to their max level.

  • Nature of Rummy game.

While playing Indian rummy, in the beginning the cards are shuffled randomly and then dealt to the players. this ensures that you won’t get the same cards ever again. Hence, in every round, you will need different skills and strategies to win the game. Even if you lose any game, the luck factor will not always be blamed.

  • Strategy, Planning, Tricks.

No doubt skills are important, but with that, even the above 3 factors are important as you play to win. You should use your skills to actively strategise and plan your moves that will make you win. You have to do two things in this regard: meld all your cards in the least possible moves, before all your opponents; and prevent your opponents from making any sequences and sets. You can either use the tried and tested strategies, or develop yours. You should also take the help of rummy tips and tricks to support your rummy strategies.

  • Declared by Courts!

The top court of India – The Supreme Court has declared that the game of rummy should not be put in the category of ‘games of chance’, i.e. in gambling games, but in the category of ‘games of skill’. The same verdict is given by many High courts of India too. Rummy need a certain level of intellectual expertise, mental skills, and experience. This is why, playing rummy in India is completely LEGAL!

Without a doubt, these reasons should not leave any doubt in people’s minds that rummy is truly a game of skills. If you haven’t started playing online rummy game, you can read this article – ‘7 day rummy crash course for beginners’, learn all the rummy rules and start playing the thrilling and skillful game called rummy.

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