Rummy is Popular than Board Games: Know Why!

In our life, almost every human being must have played at least one board game, whether online or offline. Card games and board games have been played in our country since quite a few centuries. The game of Ludo has been documented even in the great epic – Mahabharat. But as of the 2020s decade, the game of rummy, esp. online rummy, is more popular among the Indians than any board game! Do you know why? Here are the reasons:

  • Protection against all Illegalities

On all rummy platforms, there are strict measures against collusion, the seating is randomized, and you have no choice on the tables you want to sit at. The RNG (Random Number Generation) technique makes all the cards shuffle properly over a network in an encoded manner. Hence, there is no manipulation or fraud of any kind.

  • Quick game play of Rummy

Indian Rummy gets over in a short period of time! Especially, if you are playing the 13 patti points rummy, a game can finish even in a minute. On the contrary, most of the board games: Monopoly, Chess, Scrabble, Checkers, Ludo, etc. need at least 15-20 minutes, even more than that to complete.

  • Playable on all devices

You can seamlessly play rummy on all devices: Mobile, PC website Interface, Tablets, etc. The app and site are built in such a way that you won’t find it difficult to switch devices. Such comfort is hardly offered by any online board game.

  • Can Earn lots of Real Money

This is an advantage that hardly any board game can beat. Right from day one of signing up on a rummy platform, you start winning games, and real cash prizes from individual games as well as tournaments. Many professional rummy online players have made their primary source of income as rummy. And many amateur ones, as a good option for their secondary source of income.

  • Newbie Advantage

Being a novice at rummy platforms will give you quite a few benefits, something that you may not get in any other board games. Click here to read more on this.

  • Kids being on Mobiles

As compared to adults, and barring board games like chess, most of the board games were favourites of the kids’ generation (90s kids and before). But kids of today are preferring to spend more of their leisure time on mobiles, and that need not necessarily be the online versions of board games. So, we can say that the overall popularity of board games is decreasing with each generation.

  • Lucrative Offers

You get so many attractive offers on online rummy platforms, that too on a daily basis. There are Bonus offers, Instant Cash, Rakeback, Special promotions and Tournaments on festivals, etc. This will hardly be the case for online board games.

  • Variations

You can play multiple versions of rummy game that has different features. There is 10 cards, 13 cards, 21 cards, and 27 cards rummy. Then there is the Points rummy, Pool rummy, and Deals rummy to play. Is there this much variation for any board game? Of course not!

Board games were good to spend your free time before, but now their place has been taken by the all-present mobile, and the games in them. The above reasons clearly say why rummy is more popular than the various board games. Do you agree? If you can add any other reason, do tell us in the following comments.

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