7 Reasons Why Players Lose In Online Rummy

Every coin has two sides and every rummy game has two outcomes for players – one is a winner and the other, or up to 5 players lose the game.  It’s a part and parcel of the game. Some players play it seriously to win, while some other players play rummy casually. But rummy is not a casual game like other online or playing card games, rummy is a ‘game of skills’ and you need total focus while playing rummy, you need to use skills.

If you have started an unwanted streak of losing in rummy, it is time to introspect, to find out the reasons why are you losing. So that you will work on that and start winning rummy games online again. Here we have compiled the 7 most commonly found reasons why players lose in online rummy.

  • Emotions take over you

Not just in rummy, this should not happen in any card games or while playing any game, online or offline, indoors or outdoors. No emotion should take over you in any situation, whether you are losing, or your opponent made a crucial or confusing move. We think less clearly or analytically while being emotional and mostly make bad decisions.

  • Playing with a Bad Hand

Having a bad hand reduces your chances of winning. You have to collect more cards to form sequences and sets. How to identify such a hand? The first indication is if you don’t have a joker and a wild card. Always study the initial cards you get before making a move. You have the option of dropping out.

  • You are Distracted while playing

Multitasking isn’t advised while playing rummy, especially doing tasks other than playing rummy on multi-tables. E.g. browsing the internet, watching TV, talking to a person around you, etc. also, if you are feeling tired, exhausted, or sleepy, it is better to rest than play Indian rummy. Ensure you will have zero distractions before starting a game of rummy online.

  • No Strategy or Tricks

While playing an online rummy game, you need to have a strategy to win it. Use all your skills, analyse cards and moves, know which cards do you need, and plan a strategy to defeat your opponents. Use some of the common rummy tips & tricks to win the game and devise your own strategy/tricks too.

  • You don’t do a Drop

Sometimes, to go two steps ahead, we need to take a step behind. Many players use this option to lose a round by fewer points and then come back in the next round to win. Deciding to drop or not, begins by studying your initial cards. If you have a bad hand, it is better to do the ‘First drop’. You can drop out again while playing as ‘Middle drop’. Why lose by a bigger points margin at the end of the round when you can incur fewer points before?

  • A Sequence of only 3 Cards

It is not compulsory to make a sequence of only 3 or 4 cards. The 3 cards limit is the lower one. On the upper side, you can go even up to 10 cards in a 13 Cards rummy game. Simplify your game and avoid trying to make more sequences involving cards of different suits, as this takes more time.

  • You do not Observe or Predict

Right from the initial distribution of cards until a winner is declared, you must get completely involved in the game. Observe each move of your opponents and yours too; by doing that, predict the cards your opponents might have and the ones they need. Based on this, you can make a solid strategy to win the game, and use tricks to defeat your opponents.

So, if you are losing in Indian rummy, are there any reasons from the above ones? We learn from defeats, and mistakes do happen. But the trick here, is to not repeat your mistakes. A losing streak should only go up to a few games, after that, wins should come your way. In fact, you can defeat your opponents in 6 easy steps! Because there is always a new day after the night. Well, if you know any other reasons for losing apart from the above, then do write to us here in the following comments.

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