The Awesome Working Of Your Brain While Playing Rummy

What is the most complex creation in this whole universe? Don’t look anywhere else, it’s your Brain! The organ through which we think still hasn’t been able to fully comprehend the human brain, i.e. its own functions. We think, remember, reason, decide, and use our five senses, all through our brain which controls every part of our body. We learn new skills like playing Indian rummy and other such card games.

Speaking of which, have you ever thought about how your brain works while playing rummy? The game of rummy just doesn’t let you rest or take a breath for a second. Your brain has to constantly keep working, like developing tactics, strategies, observation, planning, etc. Our awesome brain is divided into 2 parts, the right hemisphere and the left hemisphere.

Right Brain Activities while playing Rummy

The right part of your brain works in the departments of visualization, rhythm, artistic creativity, holistic thinking, imagination etc. while playing rummy game online, it coordinates in a perfect way with your left brain to help you win the game. It helps you in the following rummy activities:

  1. Arrangement of cards: You must arrange the cards as per their colour so as to avoid discarding the wrong cards.
  2. Form groups creatively: the right brain gets activated when you want to make a group of cards in a creative way.
  3. Process your cards: All thanks to the right side of your brain, you can holistically process your cards and see the bigger picture in the game.
  4. Predict cards with Intuition: Use your right brain as it will help you in intuition to predict cards with a high level of accuracy.
  5. See clear results: Want to know how the end result could be? Take the help of your right brain! It brings clarity to you regarding the possible end result.

Your Left Brain’s working during a Rummy game

As compared to the right brain, the left side of it is more rational and analytical. You name it – logic, facts, math, sequencing, etc. As you play card games like rummy, your left brain helps in bringing more strategies and analysis in the game. Here are the following tasks of your left brain:

  1. Analysing your cards: The first thing that you do after the cards are dealt with you, is analysing your cards, this happens in your left brain.
  2. Grouping in sequences: After the above activity, your left brain helps you in grouping the cards into sequences and sets.
  3. Identify crucial cards: Meanwhile, your left brain continues to scan for important cards for you to pick up from the open deck.
  4. Calculating your odds logically: Which cards to discard, which to keep? This is decided by your left brain during the game to calculate your odds of winning the game.
  5. Linear processing of probabilities: Your left brain calculates probabilities in each round and also does linear thinking for you.

So now you know how your brain works differently in two halves. The good news for you is, your brain can be developed more in the above skills or can acquire new skills by playing rummy regularly. The more active you keep your brain or stimulate it by making it learn something new like multi-table skills, the fresher and younger it will be and the better it will be for you. So, keep playing and enjoying the skillful game of rummy.

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