To play Rummy, Do We need to Deposit Cash?

Cash prize or money is the one thing that comes to everyone’s mind when they hear the word ‘rummy’ or ‘online rummy’. So it is natural for people to have this misconception that – to win Cash prizes in rummy online or to even just play rummy, it is a ‘must’ to deposit money. But what if we say that is not entirely true! Yes, it is not compulsory to add cash to your rummy account to play rummy and win real cash prizes.

So how do we do it?

Why to even think of depositing money at the instant when you register on a rummy platform? Just relax and take one step at a time. Download the app of a rummy platform, make your account on it, and now just hold on, no need to make a deposit yet.

All the rummy platforms give the option of playing free or practice rummy games. It is always advisable to start playing rummy with these free games before jumping onto the cash bandwagon. You ought to get some practice, learn all the rules, use some tips & tricks, etc.; before you start thinking about depositing money. In case, your intention was never to earn/win any money from rummy, you can keep on playing free rummy as much as you can.


Well, are you still hesitating to deposit money in your rummy account and still hoping to win real cash prizes? All is not lost, there is still a way! Almost all the rummy platforms give the option for you to play a Free Rummy Tournament. Unlike other tourneys, this one doesn’t require you to deposit money in your Indian rummy account. Isn’t it awesome?!

The frequency of the tourney depends on the platform. Some may offer you only one tournament multiple times a week to play, while other platforms may give you multiple tourneys to be played only once. If you have got one tourney to play for multiple times in a day and every day, then it is more than enough for you to take part in them and win some real cash.

Earn for FREE

As said earlier, whether you know to play rummy or not, begin playing the practice games, get the wins and get the confidence. Once you are ready, start playing this Free Tourney. The prize money might not be as big as other Tourneys offered by the rummy platform. But your aim here is still to win the 1st prize.

Keep playing until you win cash prizes from this tournament. More likely the cash prizes from this tourney, will be withdrawable. You can do that and then make a deposit in your rummy account. Effectively, you still haven’t invested any money from your side in rummy yet! Otherwise, now that you have got the confidence of winning games and tournaments in rummy, you may now feel/get the confidence to make a deposit and start playing cash games in Indian rummy. Surely you will win more than you deposited and start making a good profit from your rummy gaming.

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