Which is Better for Rummy: Android or iOS?

When it comes to mobile operating systems (OS), almost all of us will take only two names: Android and iOS. There is just no competition for these two, but the competition is always between these two, as to which one is better. This debate has been going on since the start of this OS rivalry. Only those who have used both the OSes can tell better which one is better.

When it comes to the usage and penetration, the Android OS clearly wins over iOS. This is because iOS is offered exclusively on iPhones, but the Android OS is available on the device of almost every other mobile company, albeit with some customizations. More than 3/4th of the mobile OS market is captured by the Android OS. Coming over to the debate, these 2 OSes are compared in every aspect, one of them is gaming. If you have played games on mobile, esp. card games, how was the experience? When it comes to playing rummy game, which one will you prefer? Let us know some of the things to consider for choosing one platform to play rummy:

The Android OS

As said above, Android OS is available on the majority of mobiles in the market. As compared to iOS, it is open source, meaning it can be edited or customized by many developers to their liking. Since a majority of the mobile OS market is captured by Android OS, the majority of online rummy players have the android version of the rummy app installed. Due to this, there will hardly be any waiting time for you at the rummy tables.

You can easily and seamlessly switch from one mobile to another having an Android OS as all the apps are available through all app stores in the vast Android Market. The smartphones having Android OS also come at an extremely cheaper rate than the iPhone. The android devices will also have more options of apps esp. rummy apps having 13 cards rummy, as the number of apps on the Apple store are limited, they are stricter and exclusive with the apps on the Apple store.

Rummy and the iOS

The gaming experience of iOS and iPhones simply cannot be beaten. Since the OS and mobiles are made by Apple only, they have deeper integration and compatibility of the mobile’s hardware and the OS. The OS is made keeping in mind the superior hardware of the iPhone. This is not the case in Android OS. But, if you feel like switching to a new mobile, your only option is an iPhone, and you may experience a lot of compatibility issues with the apps, your gaming account, and your game progress from iOS to Android OS and vice versa. Some rummy platforms may not have their apps on the iOS, and this is not good for people wanting to earn money from online games.

Since there are fewer Indian players playing on the iOS, you may sometimes find it difficult to get an opponent on the table. But on the plus side, you may experience fewer to almost no glitches of an app crash, internet connection getting interrupted, etc. on the iOS than on the Android OS. But are you ready to keep on spending so much on a new iPhone every time?

In the end, it will come down to which OS will you prefer at the end of the day. Also, the fact that you’ve been using one of these, will make you feel like continuing with the same because people usually find it difficult when changing from one OS to another. When you are playing Indian Rummy to win real cash, it’s good to have the best system in terms of hardware and software, to get the best and smoothest experience of playing rummy online.

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